At Holmes Concrete Sawing and Drilling, we have the resources to tackle turnkey and time sensitive projects with industry-leading efficiency. We work with each of our clients to establish a relationship of trust and reliability, spanning a range of applications. Partner with us for high-value, reliable, and meticulous concrete cutting and core drilling services and focused, excellent customer service.

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Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling for Infrastructure Renovation

As companies continue to invest in new and upgraded equipment, the need for timely renovation techniques has become increasingly important. Businesses that rely on large process lines for their production are particularly cost-sensitive to downtime.

The diamond cutting techniques employed by Holmes Concrete Sawing and Drilling speed up pre-outage demolition, with minimal disruption to neighbouring operations. Pulp and paper plants, boiler plants, and lumber mills are just a few examples of the type of facilities that have realised huge savings through our advanced concrete cutting.

Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling for Building Construction

The remodelling and renovation of existing commercial buildings pose some unique challenges for architects, engineers, and contractors compared to new construction. Typically, this fast growing segment of the construction industry requires demolition while tenants and neighbours work nearby. Noise, dust, and vibrations are just a few of the concerns faced on these projects. These challenges are being met by the diamond sawing and drilling performed by Holmes Concrete Sawing and Drilling.

In addition, new commercial construction can also be aided by these advanced techniques. At Holmes Concrete Sawing and Drilling, we work with builders, engineers, and project managers to create openings in concrete floors and walls for plumbing, electrical conduit, and HVAC – instead of installing forms before the concrete pour.

Concrete Drilling and Core Cutting for the Transport Sector

The diamond cutting systems utilised by Holmes Concrete Sawing and Drilling make the resurfacing, repair, and expansion of transportation systems faster and more cost-effectively than ever before, with minimal disruption to traffic. Diamond cutting systems are revolutionising renovation and demolition processes for highway, railway, and bridge applications.

Concrete Drilling and Core Cutting for Industrial Renovations

Work on power plants, dams, and sewage treatment facilities usually involves cutting extremely thick, reinforced sections of concrete. Access difficulties, potentially hazardous situations, and maintenance of structural integrity are always a critical concern. Holmes Concrete Sawing and Drilling is experienced in dealing with these challenges – with expertise and solutions to get the job done.